Registration Date: 1996-06-13 (21 Years Old)

Registrar: Network Solutions, LLC

Usage: Legal Services

Logo: Included for FREE in the sale ($500 value)

Related Sales History: December 2010 $ 233,501.00 USD $ 195,000.00 USD $ 115,000.00 USD $ 85,000.00 USD


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Payments and Transactions

We only use Escrow for all payments and sales off of Emperor Names. reduces the risk of online fraud for both buyers and sellers. As a trusted third party, collects, holds and releases funds online, according to transaction terms agreed upon by the Buyer and Seller. When buying or selling a domain online, using a licensed and bonded escrow service will reduce the risk for both the buyer and the seller. guarantees the seller gets paid and the buyer gets their domain, with a simple, stress-free process.

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